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Welcome to the official home of the North Texas Paranormal Research Team (NTPRT) - founded in May 2006. We are a non-profit, non-religious, answer seeking paranormal investigative group based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Our team is composed of various-aged individuals who have both different views and beliefs regarding the paranormal world. We are not here to compete with any other groups! Our organization is here strickly for our own personal desires to explore the phenomena known as paranormal research and ghost hunting. We believe knowledge is power, that is what this website was designed for - to bring you, the visitor, unbiased, raw proof of the existence of the paranormal.

Quick Info

  • NTPRT does not charge for and never will charge for investigations.
  • Have a case for NTPRT? [Click Here To Request An Investigation].
  • Please be sure and [Read Our F.A.Q.] before contacting us, as many popular questions are addressed in this area.
  • Working with NTPRT - Position openings are [Posted Here]. Follow directions on post(s) to apply for open positions.
  • Sorry, non-team members cannot accompany us on investigations.
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